eLearning Modules
How to Start
How to Take Quiz

How to Start

1. Click on the module's thumbnail

To begin, simply click on the

module’s thumbnail

and it will run automatically.

2. Click on the module's title

Once the module runs,

click on the module title in the box to begin

3. Watch the explainer video

Enjoy the fun animated videos.

Don’t forget to turn up your volume !

Take the Quiz

1. Click on the "Play" icon

After the explainer video ends,

click on the “Play” icon to start the quiz.

2. Answer the quizzes

There is a total of 5 questions in each module.

Explanations for each questions will be

provided after you submit the answer

3. Obtain Score

The passing score for each module is 80% and above.


Applicable for Current Account-i and Savings Account-i


Applicable for Home Financing-i


Applicable for CashVantage-i, Term Financing-i, Cashline Facility-i, Revolving Credit-i, Pension Financing-i


Applicable for Term Deposit-i